Channeled Information from Bashar on the Ancient Crystal Skulls Presented at the Crystal Skull Conference in New York City, on 10-10-10

This video can be viewed on the "Video" page on this website. The following text is a transcription of that video. The information covered by "Bashar" touches on the resonance with the number "13"

I have also included other references to the alignment of 13 in the: 13 Master Archangels of Creation, Metatron's Cube, the 13 Levels of Consciousness in our DNA, the Sacred Circuits, and the 13 Sacred Keys.

NOTE: In this transcri
pt from the video - some grammar has been corrected, and punctuation added in a few places to help translate this material from the spoken version into a more legible print version.

Please tell us about the
ancient crystal skulls...

For example: How were they used in ancient times in Central and South American civilizations?
What was their function?

First and foremost you must understand that some of the oldest ones go back much further in your history than the cultures to which you are ascribing those skulls. Where some of the original more ancient ones were discovered in your present modern day age, was where the skulls wound up eventually, but that’s not necessarily where they originated. The idea is that these skulls go back, many of them, to 13, 17, 25, and even 30,000 of your years ago - and were present in what you call the culture of your “Atlantis”. Thus then, many of them later on were exported, were taken, were transported to other locations on your planet. Some of them to what you call your north, central and south American continent, which were very close in proximity to the western portion of the Atlantian Empire.

Thus then when the Atlantian Empire began to dissolve (began to break apart) many of them, along with other things, were transported to safer locations – and the culture, thus then, was continued. The rituals, and the interactions with these devices were continued in those areas for quite some time - up until around what you call - about 10,500 B.C. (as you say in your counting) to about 7,000 B.C. when utilization of these devices did begin to wane. Knowledge of these devices was lost as older individuals who were practiced in the utilization (the priests, the shamans, the scientists of the day), who were practiced in the utilization of these crystal skulls in a sense began to die out as the culture began to change and as information was no longer handed down from generation to generation in the same way - much of the practice and utilization of these devices was forgotten.

There were a few individuals on your planet who maintained the knowledge but found over time that fewer and fewer individuals were either interested in, or capable of, learning the practice of how to best interact with and utilize these devices - and so, in a sense, it is like a lost art form.

To some degree this is being reclaimed today, but we will talk about that later. The idea, however, is that in Atlantian times these existed, and some of them were created even before Atlantian times. In the early-early days before it was really a cohesive society, there were certain individuals upon your planet who would come together now and then to create new ideas, new ways of expressing intelligence and consciousness.

They were the ones, this community, 13 of them, 13 masters were the ones who each created one of the master skulls. That’s why, in your legends, your stories and myths, there are 13 master skulls - because they belong to the 13 original individuals, the 13 original masters - each of whom created a master skull.

What is the significance of the coming together of the 13 skulls?

Well, the primary significance, as we just described, is like the coming together again of the 13 masters - in terms of the collective energy that they brought with them in that congregation, that was utilized in the creation of the original 13 skulls. Bringing the 13 skulls together recreates, in a sense, the original master vibration of the original meeting, the original creation of the skulls. This is a very powerful state.

Is that reflective of a certain state on earth, when that actually does occur?

It is representative of the idea of pure transition, pure transformation. The idea of the unlocking of old realities, and allowing them to go into full neutrality inter-dimensionally, so that you can then re-crystalize in that neutral state whatever vibrational pattern you believe is representative of the dimension, or reality, or shift that you prefer. So bringing them all together allows for a true unlocking, a true neutralization of your reality vibration, so that new vibrations can be brought in, and that a new reality can be re-crystalized from the neutral state that is created by bringing all the master skulls together. That is why the number 13 in your society is regarded as a transformational number.

When these skulls were created, how were they carved?

The originals were carved in a variety of ways, but primarily a technique was used of vibration. When the 13 masters got together they had practiced the ability of creating certain sounds, sometimes with their own bodies, sometimes with certain instruments, that when these sounds were created certain other crystaline devices would vibrate very, very rapidly in the presence of these sounds. By vibrating very rapidly they could actually be used as a type of cutting tool on the master crystals - and shape the master crystals. Not in the same way that your society does, through the idea of striking or cutting, but by the idea of very, very fine molecular manipulation through the idea of sound vibration with these other crystals that would be passed over the master crystals, and allow the molecules that were not needed to be cut away and shaped through sonic vibration.

Did each skull have it’s own unique purpose, and/or intent?

They all have the same basic function and purpose, but each does have a unique signature that is representative of the master that created it. And thus, has a unique quality that is also representative of that master. You will find that these things have a lot of similarity to what we recently shared with you regarding the sacred circuits - and the qualities that those circuits represent.*1 So you can refer to the idea of the qualities that we delivered with respect to the 15 sacred circuitry diagrams - and you will find that many of these qualities are like unto the qualities, symbols, or signature frequencies, of the 13 master skulls. Such as: Transformation, such as Expansion, such as Balance, such as Manifestation, and so on.

How were these 13 individuals chosen?

They chose themselves. The idea is that it was recognized that these individuals simply used synchronicity to bring themselves together because they all had a common dream. Even though they were in remote locations from each other, they all had a common dream that told them how to find each other. They simply found each other through that dream coming into physical reality using the information of the dream to search each other out, and find each other through synchronicity. They met in the dream level, they met in the non-physical world and created a template, a crystaline pattern that would allow their physical minds to dream the necessary dream, so that they would be capable in waking state to find each other through the remembrance of the dream.

Regarding their purpose in coming together .... were they consciously aware of what they were creating?

Yes, because what they knew was they were being given a gift from Spirit, a gift that would aid and assist the cultures of the time, the people of the time. That would be that which would allow for great ease of connection to Spirit, great ease of transformation, great connection to the idea of “Source”, and GREAT facilitation with regard to the shifting of your reality experience in the physical world. So they were given this gift, this idea from Spirit, and in that sense manifested it in physiological form to be representative of a master key that would allow for great fluidity and malleability of physical reality and manifestations that were desired upon the earth. To bring down higher energies into physical manifestation. To ground those higher energies (like a circuit) into physical manifestation and materiality.

Once they all came together - what happened after that?

Each brought with them their raw master crystal. Through many, many, many days of meditation, and a shared and combined dream state, did they thus understand exactly what needed to be done with these crystals, and how they were to be shaped. They received this information from non-physical guidance.

What happened after they had actually completed creating them?

They carried them back to their own locations in the world. Each to a different culture, but in that they were all together at the beginning they are also keyed to each other. So no matter how far apart physically they may be - there is always some connection, some linkage, some vibration connecting them. Because of the nature of physical reality being what it is, physical proximity does still tend to amplify and focus the energy of the 13 master skulls. Even though they may be separated by great distance of thousands of your miles, never the less - they are still interconnected - though not necessarily as strongly, or as in a focused way, or for a particular focused purpose, as when they are all in physical proximity to one another. Never the less, being dispersed throughout the world they were still able to, in a sense, maintain a link with each other, and individuals could communicate with each other in different locations through these skulls.

They would tap into the skull, while in a meditative state, at different places - at times that were pre-ordained, pre-arranged in that sense. Thus then, at these pre-arranged ritualistic times was information shared and downloaded into the skulls and through the skulls to the other skulls, and to the other individuals around the world, so that all could stay in touch and know what was going on in different places. They could also coordinate different acts and different efforts. This is why you find that around your world the idea of the Great Pyramid, the Pyramid of the Sun, and other structures around the planet that were all created about the same time, were all coordinated at the same time.*2 This is why there are so many similarities in some of these cultures.

Once the crystal skulls had been taken to various parts of the planet, historically what then occurred to bring us to the present day where the crystal skulls are separated, and many of them have not yet been recovered?

There were many different kinds of changes that have taken place across your planet. Sociological changes, physiological changes, and energetic changes that caused cataclysms and catastrophes and all sorts of other kinds of upheavals. Even sociological, physiological, mental, and psychological changes that would cause individual cultures to forget about these things. Sometimes they were literally buried under cataclysms. Long forgotten because they could not be recovered. Many civilizations have been wiped out by many different means over time. A remnant of these ideas has always survived but not in a coordinated way, because of the many changes that took place upon your planet.

But now, in your transformational age, you are all awakening, you are all remembering, You are all RE-MEMBER-ING that these things existed - because you are drawing upon the awakening of your consciousness and so you are tapping into these ancient memories - because memories are created in the present. Everything exists in the “NOW” so all this information still exists, and is still accessible right here, right now. As you awaken and as you broaden, your access and your sensitivity to the idea of information from Spirit you are remembering. Also, thus then, re-discovering physically some of these master skulls. Remember, everything that happens in physical reality is a reflection of changes going on in your individual and collective consciousness. As these awarenesses awaken within you, so too will many of you syncronistically discover some of these ancient skulls OR, contemporarily will be driven, will be urged creatively-artistically to make new skulls as a representation of the vibration of the original master skulls to reflect this idea of being brought back into your mainstream contemporary culture. Now you are re-capturing, re-membering an old idea and making it new again. To disperse that energy throughout your planet to again allow you more ease of unlocking from your old ways, your old beliefs, your old patterns, your old habits, your old ideas, and to give you that neutrality that is like the crucible melting down the crystal into liquid form - so that you can imbew within it the essence, the quality, the attributes that you prefer - and allow it to cool and crystalize once again into a new reality. That is the overarching symbology for the collective consciousness.


Additional Notes:

*1. Bashar’s Sacred Circuits, the 13 Master Archangels, our 13 Chakra energy centers, and Metatron’s Cube, all coordinate and resonate with the 13 Master Crystal Skulls. (Please see diagrams of the Sacred Circuits and information about the 13 Master Archangels further down this page.)

*2. Chalice Well in Glastonbury England is considered by some to be one of the original (pre-Christian) underground meditation/communication chambers. The spiritual leaders (the “shamans’ or “priests”) of those pre-Christian, and even very early Christian cultures, would lower themselves into the 5 sided chamber and go into a deep meditative state. This would be done at specific astrological times. Using the chamber in this way would amplify their communications with other “priests” and “shamans” around the world - as well as spirit guides, ancestors, and the angelic realms. There are also supporting legends that the wizard Merlin (who lived and practiced in Glastonbury) was a survivor of the Atlantian Empire.

Could the legends of the “Sacred Chalice” or “Holy Grail” hidden in Glastonbury - in Chalice Well - actually refer to an ancient crystal skull that was kept in that sub-terranian chamber?

Please see the "Chalice Well" page on this website for additional information about Chalice Well, Glastonbury, England.

The 13 Master Archangels of Creation
and Metatron's Cube

This information regarding the “13 Master Archangels”
is from the work of Simone Matthews:

Metatron’s Cube forms a map of Creation; specifically - the 13 Spheres of Metatron’s Cube creates the ‘field’ from which all of Creation expands infinitely.

As a result we experience the number 13 through every facet of our lives, such as our 13 Chakra System (see the diagram of the 13 Energy Centers), the 13 levels of consciousness of our DNA (Note 1), and the 13 Sacred Keys of ancient wisdom of Metatron’s Cube. (Note 2)

13 Billion years ago….

Approximately 13 billion years ago, within the infinite darkness of the void, a spark of LOVE (also called Source Energy, Infinite Intelligence or God) said ‘Let there be Light’, and in that moment ‘there was Light’. Through the Light & LOVE of infinite intelligence ‘Metatron’s Cube’ was made manifest. Science refers to this moment as the ‘Big Bang’, and it is from this first Light that all of creation expands out infinitely.

The field that is Metatron’s Cube is comprised of the elements of creation – Earth, Fire, Air, Water coming together through Spirit. Galaxy’s, solar systems, planets, humans, plants, animals, DNA, the atom, sub-atomic particles and hence the “energy-space” between all matter is made up of these elements.

Elements & the 13 Master Archangels

Each of the 13 spheres of Metatron’s Cube holds a template frequency potential of an element of creation. The ‘Sacred Keepers’ of these template frequency’s are referred to as the: 13 MASTER ARCHANGELS OF CREATION.

The role of Metatron’s cube is to hold and expand the elements infinitely through the field of infinite intelligence. Thus the Archangels are present through all levels of creation from the highest vibrational frequency pulses at the central core of God/Source through to the densest of physical matter at the center of the Earth. These Archangels are present everywhere, and in each and every moment. Thus the Archangels are also present within each one of us, they create us moment by moment, in every “NOW”.

Healing with Archangel Energies

As the Archangels are ‘within you’, we have the potential to invoke an Archangel through us - through our 13 Energy Centers (See diagram below).

Invoking the 13 Master Archangels will bring balance to a particular Element or Elements and hence transcend dis-ease and co-create health, vitality and well-being. Invoking Archangel vibrations through you is a conscious form of healing, as it honors the divine perfection of Spirit within, (the source energy), and your role as a co-creator within the universe. You are not a victim to circumstance, not a casualty of illness, but rather a pulsating spark of creation that is empowered to heal from within.

Note 1. The 13 Levels of Consciousness of Our DNA In 1990, a Russian research team headed by Dr Pjotr Garjajev and comprised of molecular biologists, physicists, embryologists and linguistic experts commenced investigations into the human genome. Their research uncovered that the 95% of so called “junk DNA” was in fact a highly intelligent combination of Codon sequences that spoke a ‘language’. This biological language not only explained the origins of our human languages but was also a text of data that could be updated over time. That is, DNA is reprogrammable, and DNA codon sequences can be edited, activated, and de-activated.

Cellular Biologist Bruce Lipton, is one of thousands of current scientists that are re-imagining our knowledge of how our DNA functions. Bruce Lipton’s many years of research uncovered that the DNA within the nucleus of every cell is simply a response unit to the environment. Receptors on cell membranes (the walls of cells) ‘read’ the messages from the environment and ‘inform’ the DNA how to respond accordingly. Our DNA activation is 20% inherited and 80% dependant on environmental influences. Thus it is the environment that either inhibits or accelerates the majority of the functioning of our DNA, and it is the environment that can reprogram, activate, or de-activate our DNA.

The environment is considered to be a combination of:
• Food / Water / Nutrients that we consume.
• Sound, Color, Light - all frequencies that our bodies are bathed in.
• Cosmic forces (planetary, solar, radiation, electromagnetic etc.)
• Thoughts, Emotions, Feelings Speech, etc.
• Auric Field – a direct mirror of our Soul Star expression.
• Nature – Earth’s Crystalline Field, the Atmosphere, Devic Energies, Vibrational Frequencies, etc.

Our DNA, a multi-dimensional molecule, has within it everything that the Universe knows. It carries our Akashic Records, all of our lifetimes, all of our spiritual purposes, our spiritual being and our karma.

Everything is in our DNA

Note 2. The 13 Sacred Keys of Ancient Wisdom Our ancient ancestors, (such as the ancient Lemurians and Atlanteans), embraced the ancient wisdom of the 13 Sacred Keys of Metatron’s Cube – through the symbol of the Double Merkabah – a 12 pointed Star that pivots on a 13th central point (See diagram below).

The diagram above outlines The 13 Sacred Keys (The 13 Divine Laws) showing their ‘linkage lines’ to each other through the form of the Double Merkabah & Metatron’s Cube.

Our activated Merkabah Body of Light, our 12 pointed Stellated Dodecahedron of Light (through the 13th central point), is the vehicle that supports our conscious connection with the 13 Spheres of Metatron’s Cube. It is the vehicle that supports the awakening of our DNA and our quantum leap into enlightened ascention.There is a point in time when our developing cells nurtured in our mother’s womb held the shape of the Merkabah. It is believed by some that this is the point in time when our soul bonds with our body for an earthly lifetime.

Please note, that many healers ‘see’ the Merkabah Body of Light surround the physical body as a six pointed star formation, however the energetic meridians of this formation in actual fact run energy via 12 points, through the 13th zero point field of the Heart – this is the zero point field of the triple Heart – ie. the Heart of the Galaxy, Heart of the Earth and our Heart.

It is believed that our ancient ancestors embraced these authentic” Universal Truths” or” Laws”, and were not limited by their physical bodies, thoughts or stories of self. They were instead free to create their realities from a place of awakened and activated crystal consciousness.

In addition, it is believed that these 13 Sacred Keys / Divine Laws provided the ‘know how’ for our ancient ancestors to power their cities through crystalline energy, to bi-locate, to communicate via telepathy, and to heal the body from dis-ease. It is believed that the pyramids of Egypt, the crystalline temples of Lemuria & Atlantis, and inner-Earth portals were all created through the expression of these 13 Sacred Keys.

13 Sacred Keys:

13. LOVE Cosmic Gateway Metatron  
12. Purpose Universal Gateway Uriel  
11. Polarity Stellar Gateway (Galactic Center) Jeremiel  
10. Evolution Soul Star Raziel  
..9. Wisdom Crown Chakra Gabriel B
..8. Cause & Effect Third Eye Raphael A
..7. Vibration Throat Chakra Zadkiel G
..6. Free Wil Heart Chakra Chamuel F
..5. Rhythm Solar Plexus Michael E
..4. Action Sacral Chakra Haniel D
..3. Surrender Base (Root) - Chakra Jochiel C
..2. Grace Earth Star Azrael  
..1. Potential Earth Gateway (Earth Center) Sandalphon  

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